Tonalist: A Thoroughbred Stallion on the Rise


Tonalist: A Thoroughbred Stallion on the Rise

Tonalist is a stallion that has made significant achievements in the business in recent years. Tonalist’s success has continued to increase despite being unfashionable and consistently receiving a stud fee reduction every year until 2022, and he has become a favorite option for breeders wanting to produce a winner.



Consistent Performance – Tonalist

Tonalist’s offspring have routinely outperformed his stud fee, particularly in graded stakes events. He has a healthy blueprint for producing horses with heart, resilience, and running ability, which is precisely what the business requires. His 4.5% of graded stakes runners-to-named foals is ahead of or comparable to most stallions at stud.

Rise in Popularity – Tonalist

Tonalist’s popularity has risen dramatically in recent years. He was back up to 87 mares bred last spring, after dropping to 54 mares bred in 2021 from 122 mares bred in 2020. This growth in popularity may be linked to his progeny’s steady yield and constant performance. Tonalist’s increased yearling average of $53,413 in 2022 (for an exceptional 29 sold of 31 offered) from $32,505 in 2021 is additional evidence of his success.

Progeny Success – Tonalist

Tonalist’s remarkable offspring have been making waves in the business. He has three graded blacktype winners, ten blacktype winners, and 19 blacktype placers among his progeny. These remarkable figures illustrate Tonalist’s capacity to produce high-quality racing horses. Tonalist’s offspring’s lifetime progeny earnings total $26,877,630, with average earnings per starting of $115,355. Tonalist’s Average Earnings Index of 1.97, which is greater than the Comparable Index of 1.39, attests to the success of his offspring and emphasizes Tonalist’s excellent abilities as a stallion.


Tonalist is a stallion that should be considered by breeders hoping to produce a racehorse. He has come a long way from being undervalued in 2019, and his success is just growing. Tonalist is an inexpensive option to place a winner under your mare, and his progeny’s steady production and output make him a good choice for breeders. Tonalist is a stallion who should be on your radar whether you’re a seasoned breeder or just starting out. ***PLEASE READ:Β  Under the Radar:Β  Tonalist

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