Breeding vs. Buying: The Pros and Cons for Racing Success

The decision to pursue the path of breeding or buying unproven horses at auction as weanlings, yearlings, or two-year-olds is a critical consideration for aspiring owners in the horseracing industry. While breeding offers control over genetics and a long-term vision, buying at auction provides the opportunity for physical evaluations and professional expertise. This article explores […]


Client Success: Heartyconstitution Triumphs in Lyphard S.

In the world of horse racing, one race can define a horse’s career, leaving a lasting impression on enthusiasts. Heartyconstitution, an exceptional filly owned by Wayne Sanders and Highlander Training Center, recently achieved a remarkable victory in the highly anticipated Lyphard Stakes at Penn National. This unforgettable race showcased her speed, tactical prowess, and unwavering […]


Case Study: Breakdowns & Breeding – Exploring Connections

In the realm of horseracing, there is an undeniable truth that looms over the sport: the inherent risk of inevitable injury. Despite the implementation of stringent oversight and protocols aimed at protecting the welfare of racehorses, catastrophic breakdowns continue to occur. This article delves into the profound connection between the inherent risk of injury and […]

state-bred racehorses

State-Bred Racehorses: Advantages and Disadvantages

State-bred racehorses are horses that were bred and foaled in a specific state and are often eligible to run in state-bred races. These races typically offer higher purses and lower competition compared to open races. While Kentucky is well known for breeding some of the top racehorses in the world, there are several advantages and […]

state-bred racehorses

Freshman Sires: The Pros and the Cons of Breeding and Buying

Breeding and buying thoroughbred racehorses are a complex process that involves numerous considerations, including pedigree, physical conformation, and performance potential.  One strategy that has gained popularity in recent years is focusing exclusively on freshman sires, or stallions in their first year of producing foals. While this approach has both positives and negatives, it can be […]

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8 Best Ways to Buy a Racehorse

 8 Best Ways to Buy a Racehorse To buy a racehorse can be an exciting and rewarding experience for any horse enthusiast. Whether you are an experienced owner or a first-time buyer, finding the right horse can be a daunting task. There are several important factors to consider. In this article, we will provide you […]

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OPTIMAL Mating: Uncle Mo – Point System, by Broken Vow

OPTIMAL Mating: Uncle Mo – Point System, by Broken Vow Point System (Broken Vow – Brownie Points, by Forest Wildcat) was trained by H. Graham Motion and bred & owned by Pin Oak Stable. She started her racing career at the age of three, winning three races, including setting a track record at Laurel Park […]

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OPTIMAL Matings: Pedigree Analysis for Thoroughbred Success

OPTIMAL Matings: Pedigree Analysis for Thoroughbred Success OPTIMAL Matings is a powerful tool in the sales and breeding industry, providing a method of pedigree analysis to produce recommendations for mating and purchasing thoroughbred racehorses. It considers various factors, including female family patterns, inbreeding, and physical traits to create optimal mating recommendations. Its success is evidenced […]


Tonalist: A Thoroughbred Stallion on the Rise

Tonalist: A Thoroughbred Stallion on the Rise Tonalist is a stallion that has made significant achievements in the business in recent years. Tonalist’s success has continued to increase despite being unfashionable and consistently receiving a stud fee reduction every year until 2022, and he has become a favorite option for breeders wanting to produce a […]