My work in mating and pedigree analysis involves evaluating the genetic potential and strengths of thoroughbred horses in order to determine the best match for breeding purposes and for racing potential. I use extensive knowledge of pedigrees, physical evaluation, and results-driven experience to assist clients in making informed decisions about breeding or purchasing thoroughbred racehorses for their breeding or racing programs.


My work in buying stallion seasons and shares involves helping clients purchase breeding seasons to top thoroughbred stallions for their mares. This involves analyzing the stallion’s pedigree, race record, and physical conformation to ensure that it is a good match for the client’s mare. I also assist in finding the best pricing and terms for stallion seasons and shares, and help negotiate the terms of the final contract. By doing so, I help my clients maximize the value of their investment in the thoroughbred industry.


My work in sales representation involves representing clients in the buying and selling of thoroughbred horses, both privately and at public auction. I provide expert advice and guidance on the market, ensuring my clients receive the best value for their investment. I use my industry knowledge and expertise in pedigree analysis, physical evaluation, and performance analysis to assist clients in making informed decisions.


My work in portfolio management involves overseeing and managing my clients’ thoroughbred horse assets, which includes sales preparation, horse racing and breeding planning, record keeping, and long-term financial management to maximize returns and achieve their desired goals in the thoroughbred industry. I use my expertise in the industry, strong relationships with industry participants, and analytical skills to make informed decisions for my clients and achieve their objectives.

Ready to Take the Plunge and Own Your Very First Racehorse?

Ready to Take the Plunge and Own Your Very First Racehorse?

Buying a racehorse is an exciting journey, but it can also be daunting.

Don’t worry – with this guide in hand you will be able to make educated decisions about selecting, evaluating, and purchasing horses for your stable. You will get expert advice on setting budgets, understanding pedigrees and conformation, managing racing performance data, negotiating sales processes and more! With our help you can become the successful thoroughbred horse owner that you have always dreamed of being.

Make owning a racehorse easy by following our comprehensive guide which covers all aspects of purchasing a horse – from budgeting to post-sale management plans – so you can rest assured knowing that no stone has been unturned in your quest for equine excellence!

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